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Stehekin * Washington * USA

Stehekin looking downlake

If you're looking for a unique, special place without phones or television… surrounded by nature's glory…then step back in time to this spectacular gateway to the North Cascades National Park on crystal clear Lake Chelan.

Stehekin Landing

Visitors come by boat or float plane to experience this small fjord-like lake and valley community surrounded by 8,000 ft peaks and offering outdoor activities, fine lodging and over 100 years of history.

Stehekin Landing

About 100 people live in Stehekin year-round. Their chosen lifesyle, which lacks many modern conveniences, is reminiscent of our pioneer heritage. The residents and local businesses rely upon boats and barges to bring them everything from groceries and merchandise to cars equipment, building materials, and of course, tourists. Without a shopping center or mall just down the street, Stehekin residents quickly become planning experts. Groceries not supplied from the family garden, can be purchased by sending a list and blank check to one of the stores "down lake". The order is filled by the grocer, who delivers it to the dock in Chelan for passage to Stehekin on one of the "Ladies" of the lake. Mail is delivered by the passenger boat as well. With just one pay phone in the entire valley, "reaching out to touch someone" usually involves stopping by for coffee or writing a letter!

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300+ Days of Sunshine a year.

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